Anti-Corrosion Paint

« Skill, experience, availability, expertise »

Onshore and offshore anti-corrosion paint applications.

Our ACQPA (Association for the Certification and Qualification of Anti-Corrosion Painters) professional accreditation and expertise enable us to apply paint coatings to all types of materials, even under the most extreme conditions.

Over the years we have developed a specific expertise and have tailored our working methods to the different projects on hand, both onshore and offshore (maritime and industrial works, platforms, storage tanks and spheres, petrol stations, treatment plants, pipelines, industrial buildings, etc.).

Our spacious storage platform is stocked with high-quality paints and abrasives, in very large quantities. We do this to ensure that they are widely available on the market and prevent no supply problems, so that they are available in the event of an emergency request and for specific customer requests.

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